Execute (collect debt) court decision in the Russian Federation

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Our company is a law firm with extensive experience in international litigation, legal advice, various assistance to foreign companies that want to collect debts from Russian organizations.


We are located in Moscow, we have offices in various cities of Russia.


You have a court decision, the defendant is a Russian organization or a citizen of the Russian Federation. A Russian company has a debt (money or fulfillment of an obligation) - we will help you obtain documents in Russia and collect debt into your company’s bank account.


The recovery process from a Russian company or Russian citizen is approximately 6 to 10 months.


You must have documents:
- The decision of your judicial authority (court), which is final and cannot be reversed;
- documents must be translated into Russian by a notary;
- bank account in Russian rubles;
- documents of an authorized person.


What need to do?


You send us an email to advokatorium@mail.ru with applications: translation of the court document into Russian.


We advise you and help to collect all the necessary documents.


When all the documents are collected, the power of attorney is made and we received the documents by mail, we file a lawsuit in a Russian court.


When the Russian court is over, we receive the Russian writ of execution and begin the enforcement case at the location of the debtor (or the property of the debtor).


The funds are transferred to your account - the Russian bailiff service.

How much does it cost to recover a debt from a Russian company or a citizen of Russia.

Legal services - approximately $ 2,000 - $ 5,000
State duty and fees - from about $ 500
Postage - approximately $ 100
Notary services - approximately $ 200
Translation services - approximately $ 300


The exact cost depends on the complexity of the case, the number of documents and sheets.


How is the debt collection process - stages:

1. Collection of necessary documents
2. Preparation of a court statement (statement of claim) and file it with a Russian court
3. The trial
4. The decision of the court
5. Obtaining a Russian writ of execution
6. Submission of an executive document to the Russian bailiff service
7. Debt collection from the debtor


To get started, you must make a translation of your court decision into Russian.

If it is difficult, we are ready to do the translation ourselves for payment.


We are waiting for documents from you. We do the consultation for you for free.

E-mail: advokatorium@mail.ru

We have WhatsApp / Viber +79267877933
Skype: skyline-redline

In detail:


The procedure for recognizing and enforcing a court decision in Russia is a difficult job, it has many features and details. We advise you to start working with us from the very beginning - the stage of filing a statement of claim in your national court. We advise you, help advice, control the lawsuit to eliminate the mistakes of your lawyers, because they do not know the peculiarities of Russian law.


It is very important to properly notify the defendant (debtor) - a Russian company!


We will help you to send legal notices correctly and to control receipt of documents by the respondent.


We will help you to get the Russian registry of the company - the debtor, check its legal status, address, tax information.

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