What to do if involved in an accident in a rented car

Rent a car - an incredibly popular service, which is available not only in the capital but also in many other cities of the country. In this service a lot of advantages, but it can take advantage of various categories of people. The main thing is to choose a good beginning, a proven company, to be sure of its reliability and quality of services provided. To this end, information about the company can be found in the Internet, to explore its site conditions, prices, reviews and other information.


Thus on to bear in mind that even when driving the rented car, a person is not insured against damage to the car. It can be the culprit, or other road user. What to do if such a situation arose, because the machine does not own? Throwing the car and run away, of course, not necessary, because it is irresponsible and adults do not behave. Do not be afraid, it will have to pay the expense of the company, because the cars are insured against such cases by themselves.


How to behave in case of damage to the rented car?
First of all, you need to call the police, so they made the report, examined the scene, removed the data from the CCTV cameras installed nearby, with DVRs, interviewed witnesses. That's all you need to find out exactly what happened and who was responsible. The client, a rented car should immediately contact the company - landlord and report the incident. It is important that actions in the case of police were literate. Of course, all of this customer will be able to do just that if not received serious injuries. If the injury is, but the driver is conscious, it is desirable to contact the landlord to report the incident, and has employees of the company will arrive at the place to solve all the issues, while customers will be provided medical care.


Who will compensate the damage?
In no case can not throw the car, and hide from the impact site, fearing that will have to pay a lot of money. It all depends on the contract, but in most cases today, the damage the insurance company reimburses the lessor if the culprit was a client. If the originator of the collision was the other party, the responsibility rests with him already. Just admit your guilt is not necessary, the wine may have been mutual. The answer to this question will give the examination. After identifying the culprit collision damages will assume his insurance company. There also may be certain problems, for example, when insurers will not agree with the conclusion of the traffic police, but it is not the customer's problem hedgehog, who took in the car rental.


Before signing the lease, it is important to read it carefully. There must be an item associated with the incident, which says who is responsible, and will, if anything, to pay damages.

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