Legal services: File a claim and to apply to the Arbitration Court of Moscow (Russia another court)


Start action proceedings in the Arbitration Court of Moscow (in other Russian vessels)

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Since the beginning of 2017 the beginning of the process of action proceedings and filing a lawsuit in the courts of Russia has become more difficult. If you properly will form a claim, then you run the risk of failure in the requirements and will not be able to address these requirements.


We advise you not to make mistakes and to entrust the work to professionals. Our company will perform the work quickly, correctly and at a good price.


If you do not know or do not believe in the beginning of action proceedings, we'll help you, you can get our absolutely free consultation on your national language. Simply send us your questions and we will respond quickly.


To access and filing a lawsuit in the Moscow Arbitration Court or any other court, prepare your founding documents, to pay fees document (fee), a power of attorney, valid certified copies of documents and other documents.


Documents can be submitted in person, and with the help of a special program of Russian judiciary.


Within one month the competent court shall decide on the acceptance of your business or stop proceedings. You may need to correct mistakes or provide additional documents. You install a small error correction term, if you do not eliminate, it will return all of the documents and the case will not move further.


We encourage you to take this step very seriously.
Be sure to get a free consultation with us.


Contact us for details: price, contract conditions.

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